You are the Antidote Coaching Journey

A 6-month Guided Coaching Journey with Heathere Evans, ICF-Certified Professional Coach.

You Are the Antidote: 3-Month Coaching Journey

“What lives within you is literally the remedy to every bit of upset, suffering, and dis-ease that plagues your life—and that’s good news. Since you have the power, you can finally change things. This program shows you how.”

Heathere Evans – Founder of Pivot

Live from the Strongest Part of Who You Are

When we are living from our weakest selves, we feel exhausted, stuck, unhappy or off course. Specific skills allow you to access all of the unlimited power inside of you to improve, enhance and redirect your life.

  • Change frustrating situations
  • Remove self-imposed blocks
  • Shift your inner critic to your inner coach
  • Eliminate negative patterns of anxiety, fear, fatigue
  • Reclaim wasted energy and feel empowered in your life
  • Improve your communications skills
  • Lead from your highest intelligence in any situation
  • Access the best in you and others

The Curriculum

You Are the Antidote teaches six specific pivots you can make to shift from the weakest to the strongest part of who you are in any situation. Use these skills to identify how you’re blocking your success and open yourself to greater resilience and wellbeing.


Meeting the Stronger You
Learn the one technique you need to transform any situation, regain your power, and move forward with confidence.

Authentic Empowerment
Learn the science behind why you find yourself in challenging situations and how to turn challenge into opportunity.

Power of Perception
The meaning we give what happens can be our demise or the key to our inspiration. Explore this subject and release limiting points of view.

Radical Self-Care
How to laugh your way to the best you yet, using a proven three-step process.

The Forgiveness Principle
Blame and judgment hold us back from feeling good and experiencing our next level of success. Learn how to let go and forgive without condoning.

Emotional Intelligence
Learn how to use your inner and outer conversation to change your brain and lead your life from the most energized, creative version of yourself.

The Offering

You Are the Antidote is a six-month coaching journey dedicated to your personal growth. Each session is led by ICF-certified professional coach, Heathere Evans, and includes the following elements:

  • 12 powerful coaching sessions on how to reclaim your energy (LIVE via Zoom, 2X per month)
  • Handouts, practices, and proven principles to teach you how to make the shift toward your best you
  • Transformational tools to maximize learning and application of concepts
  • Recordings of all coaching sessions

The Schedule

Now Open for Fall 2022!

Session dates are set between the client and Heathere Evans, PCC. All private sessions are held via Zoom. Click “start registration” to learn more and I’ll be in touch to answer any questions!

Ready to get Started?

Let’s begin with a few brief questions to ensure this journey is right for you.

Are Your Using or Losing Your Energy?

Are Your Using or Losing Your Energy?

In less than 10 minutes discover how you’re managing your power and learn what you can do to feel more empowered & energized.


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