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Your Real Power

You are at the center of your universe. If things aren’t going well, you feel stuck, depressed or off course. If things are going well, the opposite effect takes place and you feel like you’re winning at life.

What’s important to notice is that one common ingredient exists in every situation: YOU.

You Are the Antidote is about discovering that you are the cure to what ails you. What lives within you is literally the remedy to every bit of upset, suffering, and dis-ease that plagues your life—and that’s good news. Since you have the power, you can finally change things.

Living More Empowered

In 2013 I began a journey. It was the single most painful, heartbreaking, scary time of my life. It was February 14, Valentine’s Day, when I received the cancer diagnosis. My heart raced with terror and confusion. How could this happen with no family history or gene? What am I going to tell my daughters? At just 12 and 7 years old, will they be devastated by this? How is it possible to get cancer when I exercise six days a week and eat organic food every day? I didn’t know how it happened or how I could protect myself or my girls from this going forward.

My oncologists, while excellent at treating the symptoms, offered little in response to my concerns about the cause. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I studied from the best. I learned about my body and my mind. I found out that what happens in our mental and emotional selves, plays out in our physical selves and builds up over time. The mind and body are often treated as separate things, but they are never, ever separate. Our thoughts, emotions, fears, and stressors have a direct effect. Consciously or unconsciously, we are in constant communication with ourselves, and the result is a healthy or unhealthy nervous system, a strong or a weak immune system. I can’t know for sure what caused cancer in my body, but what I do know is that without any medical rationale or physical explanation for such a serious diagnosis in the life of a young, strong, healthy woman, it behooved me to find out what had made my body even remotely conducive to such a condition taking root.

One of the books I came across in my research was by New York Times bestselling author, Anita Moojani, called “Dying to Be Me.” I recently heard her give a talk about writing that book and the incredible cancer battle that took her to the brink of death in 2006. Her detailed description of the self-critical, self-loathing inner state she held for most of her life and the impact it had on her immune system is staggering. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle. Over a three-week period, she set about intensely and profoundly changing her mindset toward unconditional loving kindness for herself and others. What she experienced was a spontaneous remission that has defied modern medicine for over a decade. And she’s not alone. The more case studies I read, the more stories like Anita’s I found.

For me, this research brought up big questions. Do hostile feelings repeated over time guarantee a person will contract a hostile illness? The answer I found is ‘no,’ but the body does take the brunt, so if toxic thoughts and feelings are prolonged the likelihood of an immune system too taxed to protect itself from getting sick is much higher. I began to dig deep into my own way of being in my life. I discovered how 42 years of inner dis-ease (stress, biting my tongue, anger, disappointment, struggle, unhealed wounds, resentments, obligations, uncried tears, and childhood trauma) ultimately created an ideal climate for a disease state to manifest in my body. I studied with teachers like Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Robert Holden and became highly influenced by the work of Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Joe Dispenza, and Bruce Lipton. I devoured hundreds of books on everything from neurobiology and brain-heart coherence, to physics, philosophy, biology, psychology, and spirituality. I followed the work of authors like Caroline Myss, Daniel Siegel, Penny Pierce, Carl Jung, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Wayne Dyer, David Hawkins, Carol Dweck, and Joseph Campbell. I found poets like Mary Oliver, Hafiz, and Rumi who taught me to ask even deeper questions. I decided to use my own life as an experiment for what I was learning, and I became a student of A Course in Miracles and the common truths that exist across the ancient wisdom traditions (Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Vedic, etc.). What I found, in the end, was a journey of personal growth that transformed me.

You Are the Antidote is about sharing what I learned in that exploration. It’s about the traps we set for ourselves without realizing it, and, more importantly, learning how to undo them. It’s a story about how to stop unwittingly dimming your light so you can really shine.

And it begins with you.

This year I am going to take you on a journey called You Are the Antidote. Together, we will break free from what holds us back and limits us. We will learn to stop looking in all the outside places—other people, self-concepts, possessions, various situations and events. Instead, we will look within for solutions and find the source of our power and our freedom.

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