“What lives within you is literally the remedy to every bit of upset, suffering, and dis-ease that plagues your life—and that’s good news. Since you have the power, you can finally change things. This program shows you how.”

Heathere Evans, Founder of Pivot

Join Heathere Evans of Pivot on a 3-month coaching journey and learn the skills that will allow you to access all of the unlimited power inside of you to improve, enhance and redirect your life.

The course is facilitated by ICF-certified professional coach, Heathere Evans, and includes the following elements:

  • 12 lessons on how to reclaim your energy (via six online classes facilitated by me each month)
  • Three 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Handouts, peer practices and proven principles to teach you how to make the shift toward your best you
  • Transformational tools to maximize learning and application of concepts
  • Recordings of all one-on-one coaching sessions

The coaching journey begins this fall with a kick-off meeting on Friday, Oct. 25. Course dates for the online classes will set during the initial meeting. Dates for one-on-one coaching sessions will be scheduled between you and Heathere once the course begins.

Register now and start living from the strongest part of who you!



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