Word of the Day - Incredible Saturday

Imagine you’re in a work meeting and the person speaking barely lets anyone else get in a word. She’s a know-it-all with comments, observations, and verdicts about absolutely everything—and everyone.

If this person even closely resembles your boss, I’m willing to bet you are currently engaged in a highly motivated job search.

What’s incredible, as I ponder the Saturday word of the day, is that we all know someone like this… very well, in fact. On a 24/7 basis we give full reign to the intolerant, unsympathetic, negative voice in our heads. Our inner voice runs the show, offering comments that shame us and invalidate us on a daily basis. The result is we can feel small, insecure, disconnected and worthless.

Speaking from my own experience, I began to take notice of the situation when my inner voice became engaged in things like comparing myself to others, “I could never do that… I’m never going to look like that…She just better than I am… ”

What I realized is I am fully empowered to change that inner voice. When I do, the boost to my inner confidence, outer performance and overall positive outlook is incredible! It’s a real game-changer for success. Three steps allowed me to begin this process of inner gentility and enhanced wellbeing.

STEP 1: Identify your negative thinking. What causes your upset? What are your biggest complaints?

STEP 2: Are these thoughts serving you? If not, fire that critic! Look deeper at these moments for opportunities to observe your core beliefs and actively choose a more self-supporting, inspiring and encouraging narrative. These are the moments to actively practice being kinder, more loving to yourself.

STEP 3: Reframe your interpretation. We see things through our own perceptual filters. There are lots of different ways to see things and you have a say in how you see them.

*Inspired by a calendar created by Jacquelyn, a Keenan realizing her own fullest potential.

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