On three consecutive Wednesdays last month, I hosted an open community discussion on how to meet the unknown with curiosity and courage. Everyone was welcome. We gathered from the sanctity of our homes, using Zoom technology to remind us how connected we are. Our common goal was to create a safe space to explore our struggles, fears, breakdowns, and breakthroughs as we live through this COVID-dominated time in our history.

It was a powerful experience for me, one that helped me remember my deeper purpose and how much we all share in common. Together, we explored this question: If you were meeting the unknown with more curiosity and courage, what would you be doing less of, more of, or differently right now? What we learned is that we would be doing:

  1. Less of allowing the adrenalized parts of our brains run us;
  2. More in the way of boosting our emotional literacy, resilience, and intelligence;
  3. And we would consider different, more expanded ways of seeing this crisis and the choices we have to respond to it, so we could come from a place of inner strength and wisdom.

There will be a time when you look back on this period, maybe even years later, reflecting on what the whole experience was like for you. How will you describe what you thought, felt, and did during this time? When you retell the story, will you be someone who tells us what you learned about grief? Suffering? Will you share about your hero’s journey, or the power of love that you came to know because of what you went through?

One thing is for sure, we have all received the invitation to be in this together. And, how we choose to go through it is an individual choice. Perhaps there is some value in asking yourself at this point in our hibernation, “What do I hope this will mean to me when it’s over? What do I hope I would have done or not done… said or not said?”

In your darkest moments, keep reaching for the strength in yourself. Louise Hay, author and founder of Hay House, modeled that so beautifully in her life. The way she chose to respond during another massive crisis in our history–the AIDS epidemic–is an inspiration. What began as a small support group in her home, grew into a source of mental and emotional healing for thousands. Here is a timeless invitation from Louise and three affirmations that I’m using to stay strong and inspired in this challenge.

An Invitation from Louise Hay

Now is the time for you to learn about your own power
and what you are capable of doing.

Go within and find out who you are.

Louise Hay Affirmations

Every thought we think is creating our future.

The point of power is always in the present moment.

Love is the great miracle cure.
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Wishing you health. Sending you love.

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