Elevate Your Leadership
Learn practical, science-based leadership tools and techniques.

Revitalize Your Workforce
Discover the next level of success and wellbeing for you and your team.

Enhance Your Brand
Communicate with clarity, integrity, and power.

What is pivot?

Pivot is a coaching & consulting company focused on developing self-aware, conscious, mindful, and evolved leaders across all generations.

Individuals and organizations hire Pivot to design learning and development programs for employees, coach leaders, facilitate events, and reshape strategic communications initiatives.

The result is stronger brands inside and out.


In 2013, during her 20+ year career as an award-winning strategic communications consultant, Heathere Evans faced a health crisis. While difficult to navigate, the event gave her the opportunity to learn firsthand the innate ability of human beings to advance the nature of the mind and deeply transform. This work, grounded in advanced psychology, communications, physics, philosophy, and the science of consciousness, when applied to organizational effectiveness, is profound. Individuals and organizations become more connected, intelligent, wholehearted versions of themselves. 

Heathere Evans incorporates these leadership principles and practices into a variety of people development programs, strategic communications initiatives, and 1:1 coaching to help clients achieve their next level of individual and organizational success. 

Individually, Pivot’s three service areas have a huge impact on organizational effectiveness. As an integrated program, this trio takes your organization to its full potential for market leadership.

Discover your power to pivot.

Professional & personal growth:  Discover better decision making, more creative approaches to problem-solving, and how to shift from the weakest to the strongest part of who you are in any situation.

Inner-outer focus:  Look inside your organization and teams to ensure values are consistently communicated and lived, external messages to all stakeholder groups are on-target, activities across public relations, branding, and marketing are fully integrated, and every dollar invested in your communications program is well spent.

Vision:  Dare to live and lead from a place of higher engagement, authenticity, creativity, and integrity.

Open-mindedness:  No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Learn how to experience greater work wellbeing, less stress, and stronger personal leadership.

Transformation:  Reimagine what’s possible. Learn to shift your culture, team, and brand in the direction of greater success.

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