The characteristics that make Gandalf so valuable and how to create this kind of success in our lives

It was a beautiful morning in Southern California, sunny with a soft breeze coming up from the ocean that made the air crisp. I was seated at a table in my favorite café. The manager, Joseph, greeted me with a handshake. “Good morning, Heathere, I’m glad you came in today. I wanted to tell you in person that it’s my last week here.” He quickly explained that he would be taking a new position much closer to where he lives, a move that would shave off 45-minutes each way from his daily commute. I’m a bit of a regular there, having spent many a business meeting, brunch or solo writing hour here for the last five years.

Then Joseph said something interesting. “The staff threw me a going away party this weekend. It made me feel like Gandalf in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy,” he said, a wide grin spreading across his face.

I chuckled as we said our goodbyes and thought about our exchange. “It’s a good day when you feel like Gandalf, isn’t it?” I offered. “It sure is!” he called back, heading toward the kitchen and out of sight.

We all want to feel that way, don’t we? Gandalf’s character represents someone who is wise, magical and beloved. He is sought after for counsel, able to come up with creative solutions that make obstacles vanish, treasured and valued by colleagues and friends. Most of us want to create this kind of success in our lives. So how do we do that? The answer may sound simple, but it’s all done through Intention. If you want to be the kind of manager, team member, friend, partner, or person you hold high, you need only become more conscious of how you’re creating that reality (or not) every day. I invite you to consider the following coaching exercise.

Ask this question at the start of each day this week:

How am I creating what I want to experience today?

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