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Clients share:

Chris Lorence

Executive Vice President of ICBA

Intuitive, inspiring and energized!

Shirah Cohen

Vice President of Partnerships for Youth Mission Possible

Heathere connects with the audience with a great balance of narrative, information, and action steps.

Colleen M. Yushchak

Director at Legal Technology Solutions, Navigant

She is intelligent with a developed character that exudes unusual optimism and perseverance. An excellent communicator whose passion for her work is contagious!

Jennifer Swisher

Senior Staff Fellow, Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Immunology, FDA

Heathere has an authenticity that allows her to share her formidable knowledge and experience, supported by the most current scientific thinking, in a way that makes you think you knew these mind-blowing things all along. That’s part of her magic. She draws out and supports the deep knowing that we all have but often don’t trust.

Carrie Noonan

Management Analyst, U.S. Department of Energy

Thought provoking!


Political Leader

Pivot’s tailored executive coaching allows you to get the most out of every opportunity to communicate.


Chairman and CEO

Whether you’re the CEO of a start-up or a well-established corporation, your company will benefit from what Pivot delivers.


Corporate Executive

I chose Pivot because of its excellent reputation in the industry. Lead trainer, Heathere Evans is a highly skilled coach and presenter. She adeptly applies her professional, real-life experience that really makes a difference. We plan to bring in Pivot on a regular basis.


University Administrator

Pivot’s sharp in-depth training programs provide participants with usable strategies and tools to articulate messages effectively. The coaching has had a very positive impact on faculty and administrators serving as spokespeople.


National Association Director

Our leadership team was thrilled with Pivot’s coaching, agreeing it is one of the best investments we’ve made this year. We will to continue to work with Pivot to help our leadership learn how to skillfully navigate through public speaking challenges and interviews with the media.


PR Agency Executive

I can’t wait to get back to my office to use this right now!



Pivot training was truly educating, memorable and thought-provoking.


Corporate Executive

This was very helpful and delivered in a way that was easy to understand.


Board Member

We plan to hire Pivot again, which is our highest recommendation.


Political Leader

The depth and breadth of coaching we’ve been receiving from Pivot over the years continues to exceed our expectations. Choosing Pivot was clearly the right choice for us.

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Custom Workshops and Training

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