Find your energy level and what you can do to improve.

Shifting your mind in the direction of success requires two things: addition and deletion. Adding thoughts and behaviors that enhance your effectiveness and removing things you are thinking and doing that drain your precious energy and leave you depleted. Depending on your success with mastering this process, you will fall into one of four energy categories.

1. Drained

If you’re feeling drained most of the time, you’re likely trying too hard, chasing self-worth and allowing yourself to get depleted. Don’t be discouraged—these are just signs that you’ll feel a big difference when you learn specific principles and practices. The key here is to pay attention to your personality’s defaults. Old belief systems you are running are causing you more stress than is necessary. If work and life feel a bit like a daily grind, filled with frequent annoyances and frustrations, there is a better way. Check out the coaching tip and resources I’ve prepared for you below so you can learn how to shift things!

Coaching Tip: One of the biggest ways we drain our energy is with “I have to” statements. They seem harmless, but they actually wire the brain for feeling disempowered. For the next week, try this instead: “I choose to… (go to the store, pick up the dry cleaning, etc.)…” Notice how your energy shifts when you use one statement over the other.

Learn more about what you can do if you’re feeling drained: CLICK HERE

2. Squandering

No matter which area of your life is causing you strain, stress or disappointment (career, family, relationships, etc.), taking action to redirect energy leaks is in your best interest. If you don’t, you’re likely to feel stuck, dissatisfied, and even powerless because you’re not living to your full potential. Specific tools can help you move into higher levels of awareness and energy efficiency. When you do, you will experience a huge shift, and the way you relate to situations in your life will dramatically change for the better. Here are some resources that can help.

Coaching Tip: One of the ways we squander energy is by being too busy to enjoy our lives. For the next five days, conduct your own Busyness Audit. Spend five minutes each day and ask yourself: “What is one way I am making myself unnecessarily busy?” Then, spend the next five days asking yourself, “What is one good thing that could happen if I was less busy?” Listen to your answers. Take note of what you’re learning about yourself so you can feel more alive and empowered!

Learn more about what you can do if you’re feeling drained: CLICK HERE

3. Managing

At this stage, you are getting more conscious by the day, learning how to manage your power. However, you’re likely bothered by a stressful person at work, a difficult family member, or situations that pop up and seem to throw everything off-kilter. You might experience yourself cruising along feeling good for a while, and then something happens and it’s chaos. This seesaw pattern can wear you out. The next step here is to learn how to bring out the best in yourself no matter what is going on around you. Knowing how to use everything that happens in your life for your own growth is the most empowering position you can take. To do this takes skills that are teachable and proven. Try this coaching tip and click the link below for more.

Coaching Tip: Feeling more energized is directly related to being more self-aware. Complete this sentence: If I was enjoying my life 10 percent more, what would I be doing more of, less of, or differently?

Learn more about what you can do if you’re feeling drained: CLICK HERE

4. Empowered

You are efficient at managing your energy to support yourself. You probably use empowered language and have highly refined emotional intelligence skills. People in this range have often been on a personal development path for some time. A challenge for you might be where to go from here or how to handle stressful people and situations that make you feel contracted and off-balance—especially if you catch yourself thinking thoughts like “I thought I was past this by now” or “I should know better”. Check out the coaching tip and tools below to keep yourself inspired and growing!

Coaching Tip: Keeping ourselves expanding and growing is an essential element of happiness, success, and feeling on-purpose. Spend a few moments thinking about your growth. How have you grown in the last 12 months? How were you brave? What important life lessons did you learn? What do you want to experience next at work and in your relationships?

Learn more about what you can do if you’re feeling drained: CLICK HERE

Your energy is currency. Where and how you invest it is one of the most important decisions you will make. Curious how you’d score on energy wisdom? Take this free 10-minute quiz and find out: FREE ENERGY QUIZ.

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