Expanding your consciousness and widening your perception is key to success.

In this series, we’ve been exploring different aspects of what it takes to create a Success Mindset.

We began by looking at how to break the cycle of chronic busyness in life so you be laser-focused on what actually contributes to your success. Then we explored the power of your heart and head (your whole mind) working as one so you can access unprecedented wisdom and guidance as you navigate the path of success. Next, we made the powerful link between the words we use and how that choice shapes our consciousness.

Adopting a successful mindset also involves widening your perception and calming your brain’s stress response. Here we explore five ways to expand your consciousness and your mind.

1. Foster Appreciation

Countless studies published by research institutions like the Greater Good Science Center show the undeniable correlation between practicing gratitude and success. Keep your mind fit with this great Five Minute Daily Gratitude Journal.

2. Try a “New Now” Philosophy

Be quick to reset when you get off track or make a mistake (and attempt to extend this kindness to others as often as you can, too). Simple affirmations can help. Try repeating this: “It’s OK. You just forgot who you are. Welcome back.”

3. Become Learning-Oriented

Choosing a learning approach to life’s challenges is a skill and practice. Ask yourself: Where is the learning with this person or in this situation? With this approach, instead of something happening to you, it happens for you. You are adopting a mindset focused on growth that will serve you in every aspect of your life.

4. Use Meditation & Mindfulness

Calm your nervous system, cultivate connection, and rid your body of stress so you can free up your mind for success. My personal preference for meditation is the Transcendental Meditation technique (see more than 400 documented research studies by Harvard, Yale, the NIH, and more at

5. Practice Awe

The human brain responds to the experience of awe by releasing oxytocin and other healthy chemicals that contribute to greater wellbeing and success. Make a practice of seeing beauty in little and big things all around you. Read things that inspire you and look to nature images like these for even more visual inspiration.

Real success comes from a higher state of consciousness within you. A new way of thinking and perceiving that brings greater wellbeing, happiness, fulfillment, and success for you and others.

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