Where is your energy level?

Anyone who knows my work knows that at some point we’re going to talk about energy—how you’re spending it and whether that’s working for you. The reason being, it is so transformational to discover where energy is being wasted and learn how to redirect it.

Your power comes from shifting your energy toward new ways of seeing, thinking, and being—a skill I call Energy Leadership.

Taking a leadership position with your energy begins by understanding the levels of energy, how each level can work for you or against you, and how to identify these levels in yourself and your team.

The Seven Levels of Energy

We can think of energy in terms of seven levels, from feeling stuck and lacking choice (Level 1) to feeling inspired and on purpose (Level 7). Each one is a state of mind (or consciousness), that gets expressed through a person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Specific tools, practices, and principles can help you shift between the levels with more skill and allow you to consciously move to the highest level of energy leadership—where your next level of success is waiting for you.

Level 1: The Victim – stuck/lacking choice (hard to see possibilities from here)
Level 2: The Fighter – in conflict/resistance (blaming everyone, very frustrated)
Level 3: The Rationalizer – mostly tolerating/coping/heavy responsibility
Level 4: The Supporter – focused on compassion/service to others/helping vs controlling
Level 5: The Leader – driven by curiosity/solution-focused
Level 6: The Master – characterized by strong intuition/fearlessness
Level 7: The Creator – state of being without judgment/full of inspiration

Energy is a key metric of success. How energized we are in our life will determine how empowered and happy we feel. That’s why it’s important to know how you are managing your energy.

• Where you are giving energy away to negative thoughts?
• Which behaviors are sabotaging your success, happiness, and wellbeing?

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