Pivot offers professional development workshops and programs in six areas.

Pivot Coaching Services Leadership Skills

Whether you see yourself as a leader or not, we all face obstacles in our lives where stepping into leadership is required. This workshop is designed to support participants in identifying internal barriers to experiencing greater levels of wellbeing, effectiveness and success. Participants are presented with seven pivotal practices that can be used to shift them into an active, empowered role as team members, managers and individuals. Participants are challenged to consider their own definition of success and to make conscious choices about creating a work environment that really works!


Participants learn to:

    • Use challenges as an opportunity for self-discovery and growth
    • Build new and more effective communications skills
    • Resolve work conflicts more effectively
    • Let go of self-criticism and develop more productive ways of relating to self and others
    • Cultivate skills in resilience and emotional intelligence

Pivot PR Coaching Services Workplace Wellbeing

Media Training Workshops for Spokespeople

Intelligent people build successful careers with hard work and drive, but real pros build skills in emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent people have better work relationships, weather change more effectively and experience less stress and greater purpose in their professional lives. If you’re looking for a way to boost your own fulfillment at work, improve relationships across your organization, and create a resilient professional life, this workshop is for you.


Participants learn to:

  • Become more confident when interacting with colleagues, team members and superiors
  • Build inner strength using even the toughest work situations for self-mastery
  • Achieve greater success in job-related endeavors
  • Navigate change using a proven three-step process
  • Identify the root cause of reactivity and how to keep your emotions in check
  • Develop the one missing skill that defuses tense situations, reduces conflicts and improves relationships

Pivot PR Coaching Services Master Classes

You are at the center of your universe. If things are going in a direction you don’t like, you feel stuck, frustrated, unhappy, exhausted or off course. Your inner commentary takes over and you experience more stress and less joy. The good news is whatever your situation there is one common ingredient: YOU. Most of us are simply not taught the skills necessary to access all of the unlimited power inside of each of us to improve, enhance and redirect our lives. This mastermind course teaches you how.

Learn skills in emotional intelligence–using your inner and outer communications. This course teaches 12 lessons, pivots you can use to shift any area of your professional or personal life for the better.

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Pivot Coaching Services Presentation Skills for Executives

Keenan PR Coaching Services Presentation Skills Workshops for Executives

Whether you’re speaking to an audience of 1 or 400, your personal effectiveness depends on your presentation skills. But how do you deliver the most effective presentation in both internal settings and with external audiences? How do you move your audience out of indifference to the subject matter and deliver your most powerful, memorable presentation? Learn proven strategies and techniques to establish positive perception, build confidence, enhance message delivery, and improve your impact when public speaking.


Highlights include:

  • What you can do to build personal credibility
  • How to maximize content structure for best outcomes
  • Three proven techniques to make your presentation more effective
  • What you need to know about the listener’s perspective
  • How to maximizing message delivery
  • How to handle difficult audiences
  • Best practices in presentation beginnings and endings
  • How to handle challenging questions after you’ve made your points

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Pivot Coaching Services Media Training for Spokespeople

Positive perception and credibility are often dependent upon the communications skills of spokespeople—and their ability to deliver consistent, concise messages to both internal and external audiences. This workshop includes instruction on how to maximize your role as an effective spokesperson, the proven techniques that improve content and message delivery and a variety of strategies and tactics to use when communicating with an interview situation. The training is fully customized to clients’ unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring participants receive tips and techniques, live exercises, productive feedback, and detailed instruction on verbal and nonverbal communications and other important factors that impact successful interviews.


Highlights include:

  • Elements that build personal credibility
  • Maximizing message delivery
  • The Listener’s perspective
  • Proven interview techniques
  • Leveraging key messages
  • Fine tuning skills
  • Mock interviews (2-4 minute videotaped practice sessions)

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Pivot Women Coaching Workshops Workshops for Women in Business

Chronic “busyness” and exhaustion is a new normal. At the same time, breast cancer, autoimmune disease and heart disease are at an all-time high. The latest medical research paints a clear picture: the way we think—our habitual thought patterns and self-talk—cause steady states of dis-ease inside our bodies, that, if ignored long enough and reinforced intensely enough, can turn into various diseases.

Designed for driven female executives, entrepreneurs and busy women everywhere, this workshop—aptly named Awakening Women’s Entelechy (A.W.E.)—focuses on the impact of communications within to tap your greatest potential.


Learn to:

  • Master self-talk
  • Observe the inner workings of your life patterns
  • Release destructive patterns of thought
  • Consider new ways to make your personal power work for you

Claim more dominion over your beautiful mind—it’s both doable and worth it. Just. Like. You.

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• Onsite workshop
• Half-day seminar
• Executive retreat 

Custom Workshops and Training

Custom Workshops and Training

Learn how to connect in more authentic, memorable, and impactful ways than ever before with custom workshops and training.

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