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Pivot Coaching Services Leadership & EQ Training for PR Pros

In an era marked by epidemic forms of dis-ease in the workplace, it is imperative that communicators take a leadership role in learning how to use emotional intelligence to support the health of our organizations. EQ involves five aspects of communications proven to reduce turnover, create higher workplace wellbeing, and impact an organization’s financial performance over time. EQ is the next professional development frontier for corporate communicators, marketers and public relations professionals. Click the Contact link below to schedule a training program for your team.

PIvot Coaching Services New Business & Client Service Training

Internal communications, public relations and marketing staff are often expected to step into greater levels of leadership as they work with clients, participate in new business presentations and prepare executives for public engagements. Designed to arm your staff with the information, skills and resources required for these specialized tasks, Pivot’s training workshops expand upon existing skill sets and provide a unique professional development opportunity for employees. Training is brought to your office and customized to the experience level of the team.

Learn more about custom onsite training for agencies, public relations and marketing teams.

Custom Workshops and Training

Custom Workshops and Training

Learn how to connect in more authentic, memorable, and impactful ways than ever before with custom workshops and training.

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