The key to creating a workplace environment that brings out the best in YOU and your team

Are you annoyed by your team member, colleague or office mate? Freaked out by the latest round of changes or crisis at work? Most of us face workplace challenges at some point, but if you or your team is dreading coming into the office, there’s something you need to know.

It’s no mystery why some workplaces are rated the best places to work and others feel like they drain the very life force out of us. The environment we create by the way we show up at work is measurable. Every time stress, frustration, gossip or negativity is present, there’s a vibration that is sent out that can be calibrated. The power of that vibration is tangible, and scientifically proven to shift the entire workplace environment. This video shares the science behind how we impact the places we work and live, and one thing leaders can do immediately to help create more harmony.

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