Imagine living a day in complete peace. You progress through the day with ease, accepting the day is unfolding in absolute perfection. No matter what happens today, everything is happening for you.

Every person you talk to, every issue they come to share with you, is being presented in the perfect space-time sequence. There is a plan revealing itself to you, moment by moment.

If your mind recalls the past, you let those thoughts pass through you. You’ve been through a lot, but you are here now. Whatever you’ve needed to learn to help you grow has been provided, and will continue to be provided. There is nothing you need to do.

That’s what would happen if you embraced a growth mindset completely. You would accept everything, exactly as it is. It’s life-changing. You might notice yourself feeling a little lighter, freer. You might even see adversity differently and begin to wonder if worries are really necessary at all. Notice what happens in your body when you do.

If this experience is of interest, you could choose to start living this way right now. In fact, “any NOW will do,” as my dear friend and mentor Robert Holden likes to say. In every moment we can choose to start again, to see through the lens of learning and shift our perspective. If you don’t like how things are going in your day, in a relationship, at work right now, simply choose to reset and begin anew. Every NOW is another chance to move things in a better direction.

As you head into the new year, I encourage you to conduct your own experiment. For just one day, what happens when you shift from “life is happening to me” to the idea that “life is happening for me.”

Why not try this affirmation: This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

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