The Story Behind an Inspirational Word of the Day Calendar

Some time ago, my 10-year-old, made me this calendar. Each day, over the course of two weeks, is assigned its own word.

Inspiring Word Calendar

Seeing words I’ve used with my kids reflected back in this way brings tears to my eyes. It also reminds me how often we use words without considering their impact, especially when using our “inside” voice.

You know the voice. It goes unchecked, running quietly, even unconsciously, on a constant loop of critical opinions, theories, stories, and judgments about you and others.

Rogue internal negativity is a form of self-sabotage. It blocks you from seeing the deeper truth that you are enough, exactly as you are, and you are equipped with unique gifts that are worth cultivating and meant to be shared. And so is everyone else.

Making the choice to find one word a day that inspires or shifts your perspective is an exercise worthy of the greatness of who you really are. I invite you to consider what word would support you, empower you or offer you a new point of reference for approaching life today.

Going forward, this blog will randomly reflect on a word from this heartfelt calendar, and perhaps a few others that leave me in awe of our inner unicorn.