Did you know that speech content contributes less than 10 percent to an audience’s receptivity to a presenter?

So why is is so important to spend our time on that content? The reason is, once we feel confident about the information we are communicating—knowing we have that content down—we can free up mental space for what is most important: the delivery. When you are able to shift your focal point from what you’re going to say to how you’re going to say it, that’s where the magic happens. The delivery of your message is about you learning to bring forth your most authentic self to an audience of any size, whether 1 or 400. Delivery is about connecting to your own content with powerful stories and being real with the audience. It requires an inner knowing that you have something of value to contribute. You are not there to perform!

It is from this perspective that “content is king.” Here are a few tips to consider as you approach organizing content for your next presentation.

Make a list of the big points you need to make

  • Select 3-4 points max—no more than that, ever
  • Make sure each point has a direct benefit to your audience
  • Write this part of your content first
  • Enumerate your points as you present them to get the human brain (yours and your audience’s) to focus: “There are three reasons for this…”

Structure the body of the presentation around your key points
Point 1, 2, 3 (then support point with:)

  • Facts, but do not overdo this; audiences need more than logic
  • Why audience should care (emotional benefits)
  • Evidence/example/personal story (Note: this is the most memorable part of your content!)

Consider openings and closings

  • Heartfelt acknowledgements—not boring platitudes
  • Rapport/attention-getting (make a personal connection)
  • Recap points (1, 2, 3) “If you take nothing else from today, I hope you remember these three things…”
  • Call to action—all audiences need to feel complete

Learn more about smart, strong, clear communication that moves your audience out of indifference in our next post (or reach out if we can support you before then).