In my new masterclass, Gratitude for Jerks, I coach you through a process that helps you become radically stronger in the face of every challenge a difficult person throws your way. You can’t solve any problem from a state of upset and annoyance, but when you’ve recentered can you access the highest part of yourself, the part of you where real solutions live. Once you learn this eight-step process, it can be applied to the biggest upsets in your life—from tough relationships to toxic workplaces and family drama.

35 videos
Helpful and informative videos that will enhance each step of your learning experience.

25+ coaching exercises
Engaging exercises that will allow you to go deeper as you work through each step.

80-page workbook
An interactive companion workbook that will guide you through each phase of the journey.

What’s Inside the Course

Clients are raving about the powerful results they’re receiving from this easy-to-use online course. “I knew the time was well-spent, but I had no idea there would be such a ripple effect! Not only has my relationship with my sister improved dramatically, but with my brother and friends,” said one client.

To give you a taste of what’s inside, here is a sample from step three of the course. Consider doing this process yourself right now.


If you are facing a challenging person in your life, it’s so important to give yourself what you need. Any lack of skill or consideration by another person doesn’t need to leave you hurt and victimized. Don’t underestimate the power of this exercise. I promise you, if you’re willing to go all-in, this can be powerful, cathartic, and healing.

1. First, what do you need to say to this person? What do you wish they would understand? Write a letter that fully expresses what you need them to know and wish they could hear.

2. Next, what do you wish that person would say to you? Write a letter including everything you need to hear from them—as if the jerk in your life was taking responsibility, owning their actions, and deeply sorry for any hurt caused. The truth is, if this person was healthy emotionally, they would actually say all of these things to you. Rather than waiting and hoping that person will come around, you can give yourself this important gift right now so you can start to move on.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Get coached by an ICF-certified coach and take your personal growth to a new level in 2022. Download my full masterclass for $100 off and take this transformational journey to freedom at your own pace. You’ll learn leadership and emotional intelligence skills that will last a lifetime.

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