“I don’t understand why I need to let this go–she’s the one who was rude!” It’s a good point isn’t it? When we’re in conflict it can feel like forgiveness is letting someone get away with hurting us. Not true. Forgiveness is not allowing what happened to take us down with it.

10 reasons why forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself this year:

  1. Your energy. Blame is draining, leaving you exhausted and depleted.
  2. Your wellbeing. Work dissatisfaction and stress are fueled by blame.
  3. Your happiness. Blame sucks joy right out of the room.
  4. Your relationships. Every connection you hold dear blooms when you forgive.
  5. Your personal growth. It takes a higher consciousness to forgive.
  6. Your growth as a leader. There’s no better way to demonstrate a learning orientation to life.
  7. Your deep desire to feel peace. When you turn off the noise of blame in your mind, the peace is astounding.
  8. Your sense of power. When you blame, you also victimize. Forgiveness takes your power back.
  9. Your innate desire for freedom. Blame constricts your mind and body. Freedom and lightness come when you let it go.
  10. Your quest for more. Because every “more” you want (success, joy, love) lives on the other side of forgiveness.

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