Intelligent people can build successful careers with hard work and drive, but real pros build skills in emotional intelligence by using challenges for personal growth.

Here are 10 tips for a stronger inner you:

1. Choice

You can choose how you respond to upsets in your life. This is the first step and can create incredible freedom. Begin by noticing the different choices you have that you could make if you decide to do so.

2. L.A.F. More: self-Love, self-Acceptance and self-Forgiveness

The more you incorporate this way of being into your life, the more you don’t just get out of your own way—you become your inner BFF!

3. Pivot

WHAT IF the person who just cut you off in traffic wasn’t rude and selfish? WHAT IF it’s a surgeon racing to save someone’s life? Pivot to shift to other possible outlooks.

4. Check Yourself

Everyone has their own experience based on their own personality’s filter, and sees things accordingly. Consider other perspectives that support your well-being.

5. Write it

Write, then re-write your own story. You are always the hero. Have you been playing the victim? Your emotions are your guide.

6. Honor it: Rule of Tensegrity

Being human requires just the right amount of tension to be in perfect balance. Accept joy and fear, happy and sad, as a dignified part of the human experience and look for the “gift in the garbage” that is waiting for you.

7. Let it Go

What would it mean for you to let go of your story about the situations that upset you in this moment?

8. Refocus: Intention & Attention

Allow for the possibility that what you truly want is not only possible, but probable. Where you put your attention, you go. Be purposeful about what you want. Envision it in detail!

9. Honor Yourself

How you show up in the world is so important. Nurturing yourself is the key creating an inner reality of well-being. Our inner reality is then often reflected in our outer experience.

10. Take 100% Responsibility

Responsibility is about knowing you have the ability to respond in ways that serve you. How can you respond with kindness toward yourself and others in the situations that life presents?

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