How to handle questions live on the spot

How to Handle Tough Questions Every Time

Published on July 29, 2016

Whether it’s taking questions from live audience members or responding appropriately during panel discussions….see more.

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You Are Incredible

Published on July 23, 2016

Imagine you’re in a work meeting and the person speaking barely lets anyone else get in a word.

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Inspirational Quote - Sophia Bush

“Remember: You are allowed to be a work in progress & a masterpiece simultaneously.” – Sophia Bush

Published on July 21, 2016

“Remember: You are allowed to be a work in progress & a masterpiece simultaneously.” –…

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Speech Preparation Tips Featured

How to Create a Well-Organized Speech

Published on June 27, 2016

Did you know that speech content contributes less than 10 percent to an audience’s receptivity to a presenter in terms of credibility, believability, trust or memorability?

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Word of the Day: Loved Tuesday

You Are Loved

Published on June 21, 2016

One of many shared experiences of being human is the need to feel loved.

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“The Wisdom to Listen” by Rumi

Published on May 1, 2016

Listen and you will discover it every passing moment.

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You Are Resilient

Published on February 10, 2016

Resilient, from the Latin verb resilire, or ‘leaping back,’ originated in the mid 17th century.

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Inspire Yourself! A Daily Word Calendar

Published on February 9, 2016 The Story Behind an Inspirational Word of the Day Calendar Some time ago, my 10-year-old, made... Read More
Loving With Conditions -

Loving With Conditions

Published on December 31, 2015

As a career businesswoman and entrepreneur I never thought discussions about love would qualify as…

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