We Empower
clients with practical tools and techniques.

We Evoke
clients’ inner wisdom through self-exploration and self-mastery.

We Encourage
our clients to discover their true and fullest potential.

What is a pivot?

A pivot is an action. It’s a shift in perspective. It involves being open to new possibilities and willing to explore choices.


At Pivot, we believe in integrating the principles and practices of advanced psychology with the science of neurobiology, human behavior and communications. Managed by founder Heathere Evans-Keenan as lead coach, our team includes partners across the fields of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, corporate communications, health and wellbeing.

We know what can be accomplished by tenacious self-observation. We’ve seen the results that come when clients realize they are self-determining—empowered to shape their life experience by advancing the nature of the mind through intention.

We believe in the power of the p.i.v.o.t.

Personal growth
Inner focus
Outrageous openness


We coach organizations and individuals in the areas of authentic leadership, success, emotional health and wellbeing. The cornerstone of our approach involves becoming aware of limiting thoughts and beliefs that block success and taking action to shift toward new perspectives and greater levels of personal and professional potential.

Be the leader you want to be.
Feel on-purpose in the work you do.
Create the life you want to live.
Reach greater levels of success and wellbeing.
Realize your full potential.

The key lies in the PIVOT.

Our clients learn how to use every challenge as an opportunity for self-discovery, mental skill-building and life mastery. The result is organizations and individuals who are equipped with tangible tools and practices to reach professional and personal goals from a new altitude.


With a heart-centered approach, our mission is to provide executive coaching and transformational workshops for corporate leaders, women in the workplace, entrepreneurs, and spokespeople.

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