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What is a pivot?

Pivot is Heathere Evans’ vision for a better way.

A pivot is an action. It’s a shift in perspective. It involves being open to new possibilities and willing to explore choices. Through mentoring and coaching, organizations and individuals can discover new ways to communicate and lead.


Created on foundation of award-winning consulting, Heathere Evans teaches an inspiring blend of the principles and practices in communications and advanced psychology to help clients achieve their next level of success. 

In 2013, Heathere faced a dark and daunting path. What would be a three-year journey through cancer would challenge everything she believed and held dear. First hand, she would learn the profound corners each of us can turn when we are willing and greater empowerment, clarity, creativity and authentic success available if we dare. Human beings contain an innate ability to advance the nature of the mind, body and spirit—and deeply transform. These principles, when applied to corporate health, organizational communications, teams, boards can shape leaders shape into more connected, intelligent, wholehearted versions of themselves.

Learn through the power of the p.i.v.o.t.

Personal growth:  We are all self-determining. How can you create work you love?Inner focus:  Learn to use your innate abilities to create next-level success.
Vulnerability:  Dare to ask the questions you’ve never asked before.
Openness:  Be willing to think new thoughts so you get new outcomes.
Transformation:  How will you shift from acorn to oak tree this month/quarter/year?


The cornerstone of Heathere’s approach involves skills in success intelligence, including becoming aware of limiting beliefs and taking action to shift toward greater levels of personal and professional potential.

Be the leader you want to be.
Feel on-purpose in the work you do.
Create the life you want to live.
Reach greater levels of success and wellbeing.
Realize your full potential.

The key lies in the PIVOT.

Pivot clients learn how to use every challenge as an opportunity for self-discovery, mental skill-building and self mastery. The result is organizations and individuals who are equipped with tangible tools and practices to reach professional and personal goals from a new altitude.


With a heart-centered approach, Heathere’s mission for Pivot is to provide executive coaching and leadership development for corporate leaders, women in the workplace, teams, and next-generation employers.

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