Heathere Evans - Your Are the Antidote Master Mind Group

The Vision
What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent and how can you use it to up-level your life? You are the Antidote teaches 12 lessons—pivots you can use to shift any area of your personal or professional life for the better. Use these skills to identify how you’re blocking your success and open yourself to new possibilities and more fulfillment.
Learn tools in emotional intelligence—using your inner and outer communications—to change frustrating situations, remove self-imposed blocks, shift your inner critic, and access the best in you and others.

The Format

  • Half day in-person (kick-off event)
  • Ten 90-minute group online classes facilitated by Heathere
  • Three 60-minute 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Heathere
  • Access to a private Facebook group

“Life is a conversation and an invitation. To flourish, we need communications skills to engage and participate in that. Emotional Intelligence is like learning the language to reclaim your life.” — Heathere Evans

The Curriculum

Cultivating a Growth Mindset
Learn the science behind why you find yourself in challenging situations and how to turn challenge into opportunity.

Authentic Empowerment
Learn the one technique you need to transform any situation, regain your power, and move forward with confidence.

EQ and Perception
The meaning we give what happens can be our demise or the key to our inspiration. Explore this subject and release limiting points of view.

Attention and Intention
Is your past pushing you or is your future pulling you? Get present with tools that help you take a leadership role in your life.

The Power of Acceptance
Learn how to come to greater levels of acceptance as an antidote to frustration and stress.

Radical Self Care
How to laugh your way to the best you yet, using L.A.F.

The Forgiveness Principle
Blame and judgement hold us back from feeling good and experiencing our next level of success. Learn what forgiveness is, is not, and how to forgive without condoning.

EQ and Personality
Learn how your personality is working for you, where it’s getting in the way, and how to shift when it’s holding you back.

EQ and Leadership
Reflect deeply on your own leadership in the office or at home, and begin to lead with heart and vision.

EQ and Purpose
Explore success in a whole new way and identify your gifts that connect you to your purpose.

The Schedule

You Are the Antidote is a six-month course. Dates for the online classes are set. Dates for your three 1:1 60-minute coaching sessions will be agreed between you and Heathere. Dates for the in-person kick-off meeting will be arranged prior to the first online class.

Course Start Time for All Dates: 12 – 1:30 PM


Online Class 01   May 30, 2018
Online Class 02   June 6, 2018
Online Class 03   June 20, 2018
Online Class 04   July 11, 2018
Online Class 05   July 25, 2018
Online Class 06   Aug 15, 2018
Online Class 07   Sept 12, 2018
Online Class 08   Oct 3, 2018
Online Class 09   Oct 17, 2018
Online Class 10   Nov 7, 2018


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