KPR. Rebranded.

October 10, 2015 - 2 minutes read

We are so enthusiastic about announcing our newly rebranded site and identity!

After a months of thoughtful consideration of our strategy and renewed purpose, we feel KPR’s potential is now truly realized.

Work It, Baby.

As we worked our rebranding process, it became clear that what the firm did to help organizations succeed on a mass scale, had even more impact when considered at the individual level.

The “P” and “R” in our name even began to take on new meaning as we shifted from public relations campaigns into customized workshops that evoke from clients the opportunity to realize their own, truest potential.

You Are My Symbol, My Only Symbol

We took our new icon very seriously. Nah, that sounded super boring.

Our creative team did, however, and after leading us through a fun and empowering strategic process, they inspired us with a crystalline structure that lit us up. Its form refers to well-documented research on the effects thoughts can have on water crystals, morphing elegant structures into twisted versions of themselves with negative thoughts over time. Since our bodies are made up of 70-80% water, understanding how habitual thought patterns can work for us, or stand in our way, is critical to mastering success and well-being.

We are all about helping clients develop skills and abilities to become more self-ware and unleash their inner potential. The result? Enhanced careers and lives.

Keenan PR

Click here to read more about our history and our founder’s vision for the company.

Like our new look? We our proud to have partnered with Strategic Design Studios on our strategic rebranding and Persius Creative on our website redesign.