Join Heathere Evans of Pivot for Her Latest Workshop on May 10th

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is at the top of conversations in every level of business today. Research indicates that EQ mastery is crucial for organizations to succeed and cultures to thrive in the future; and all five aspects of EQ fall under the domain of communications. As communicators, it is imperative that we take a leadership role bringing emotional intelligence into our organizations.

This full-day workshop is designed to enhance participants’ EQ, expand leadership capabilities and teach the skills we need to counsel and serve within our organizations at the highest level. Through hands-on tools, techniques, instruction, handouts and exercises, participants will learn the brain science of success and pivotal skills in communications and EQ to shift into an active, empowered leadership position in any situation. These are the skills the organizations and stakeholders we serve will need to operate more effectively and thrive as the best versions of themselves. That process begins with us.

You Will Learn:

  •  How to use brain-body science to master the inner and outer conversation.
  • Core skills in emotional intelligence.
  • How to help organizations be more integrity-based and values-driven.
  • Master-level communication that builds connection, harmony and trust.
  • How to shift from the weakest to the strongest part of yourself as a leader.
  • Tools for using challenge as opportunity — and helping organizations do so.

Emotional Intelligence: The Next Professional Frontier for Communication Pros

May 10, 2019 (9:00AM to 5:00PM) in Los Angeles



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